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My biggest Art inspirations: 

Yayoi Kusama

Alex Grey

Vincent Van Gogh

And so so many more!! 


Greetings & welcome to my webpage/Portfolio! 

My name is Marcy. I am an artist based in the Midwest.
I create
 visual arts primarily with the mediums of acrylic paint & procreate (a digital software). 


My art has been displayed in local shows, artisan fairs, online, & on other forums. 

I have designed a variety of commissions for businesses, musicians, & people in my community ranging from portraits, logos, and album covers to expressive & abstract artwork.
To bring my creative ideas to life I enjoy using vivid color palettes & different styles.

Creatively, I stay inspired by life, people & artists of all types. I hope to inspire & empower others creativity as well, to encourage them to create because it’s fun (& an awesome healthy outlet) & to through my own artwork share positive messages.


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